Manager, Finance and Administration

“When you see a tortoise on a tree ask yourself how it got there.”

Fred is an accomplished team player and seasoned administration professional who started his career as a public relations officer. Fred believes that, “A team is as strong as the weakest link,” and believes that the Temple Management Company is the perfect team.

He is a graduate of Daystar University and holds a Bachelor’s degree with dual majors in Business Administration Management and Marketing.

He has previously worked with Daystar and Bookaid Africa as a Public Relations Officer and Marketing Executive respectively before joining Friends International Centre as administrative manager. 

With a strong knowledge of financial management, budgeting and administration, Fred has been responsible for various projects in construction, general administration and Human Resources and believes that he has what it takes to move TMC to another level when it comes to aspects of finance resource allocation, fund management, accounting and control and administrative expense reductions. 

Fred is in love with sports, nature, art and is passionate about travelling besides having fun with family and friends. During his free time he enjoys great moments doing BBQ.