Fashola Photographic Foundation


The Fashola Photographic Foundation annual contest, in its 3rd year, is a platform for participants to gain recognition in the region for their artistic and technical achievements. The theme for this year is “The Order side of Chaos” and it is open to all aspiring cinematographers in the African region. Does chaos bring orderliness in the end? It is open to interpretation.


Chaos and order is the big subject of the universe – the creation of order out of chaos and the eventual return to randomness.


Please read the rules and details below. The best one-minute films resonate beyond one minute and affect the audience so give this your best shot! Good luck!



- Your film must be 60 seconds - no more, no less.

- Produce your one-minute piece at broadcast quality.

- Consider your viewing audience - from mobile phones, to broadband to televisions, to theatre screens.

- Contributors must be the sole author(s) of the entry.

- You may submit a maximum of two one-minute films

- No unauthorized use of copyrighted material.

- Submissions will be made online.

- FPF will reserve the right to refuse any entry at its own discretion. Submitted material must not contain obscene, unlawful or objectionable material.

- Content created to promote any product or service will not be accepted.

- The competition is open to individuals in the African region.

- Theme and Selection: – A 60-second film around the theme “The order side of Chaos”

- All films must have been shot in 2019


All submitted works must reflect or present the theme as a source of inspiration by using different elements to interpret it.

The judges for this art call are looking for the following criteria:

- Concept

- Quality of execution in the medium

- The use of composition to communicate their message.

- Submissions for consideration can be expressed in any of the following aspects: representational, expressionism, surrealism, or abstraction.


To apply for the FPF 2019 one minute film contest

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